You Have to Wear Green on Tuesdays…and other Teenage Bits of Wisdom

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Are you looking for an easy to stage, low budget, variable cast production that really addresses the needs of 6th – 9th graders? If so, then this is the perfect play for you! With a montage of humorous scenes and monologues, this is the ideal for production at your middle school or for a traveling production. It addresses relevant pre-teen and teen issues in a humorous, serious, and serio-comedic manner. Lauded by parents, students, school board members, and school administrations.

“An awakening, inspirational, moving play that really spoke to everyone and made them open their eyes and see what’s happening.”
-Tierza V., El Segundo

“The production “You have to Wear Green on Tuesdays…and other Teenage Bits of Wisdom” was quite insightful for me as the parent of a middle schooler. The medium of the production allowed the students to express emotions and show vulnerability through the safety of a stage performance. The production caused topics to be verbalized that otherwise are too frightening or embarrassing for the student. The vignettes in the production reminded me that middle schoolers are more grown up than parents want to believe. These ‘tweeners’ have deep experiences that are demonstrated through this thought-provoking production.​”

 -JoAnne Kaneda, Operations Manager

El Segundo 

Absurdist Super Hero Fairy Tale

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 Basiltown is in jeopardy, and its distracted and overly social Hero is off having iced Americanos with his fire-breathing pet dinosaur Fido. With a socially inept Villain on the loose, an Understudy Narrator in charge, and a ditzy but dreamy Damsel in distress, can Basiltown’s citizens pull together to save their beloved town while still pursuing their individualized hopes and dreams?

“Witty and entertaining for all ages. I would call it a “comedrama” for everyone.” 

-Gerald C.

“Outrageous and funny spectacle!” 

Urrbrae Agricultural High School, Australia


-Gerald C.